Higher Education and the Growth of Knowledge

Higher Education and the Growth of Knowledge

A Historical Outline of Aims and Tensions

Segre, Michael (University of Chieti, Italy)

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Introduction 1. Then and Now 2. The Classical Roots: Farewell to the Socratic Method 3. The Classical Roots: Aristotle and Beyond 4. The Religious Roots: Priests and Rabbis 5. The Religions Roots: Medieval Intermezzo 6. The Birth of the University 7. The Age of Innovation 8. Learning the New Techniques 9. The Advent of Science 10. Science Develops Outside "Academia" 11. The Advent of Modern University. Appendix 1: Galileo and the Medici: Post-Renaissance Patronage or Post-Modern Historiography? Appendix 2: Kuhn, Meritocracy, and Excellence
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