Glucose Transport

Glucose Transport

Methods and Protocols

Hansen, Jesper S; Lindkvist-Petersson, Karin

Humana Press Inc.






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Preface... Table of Contents... Contributing Authors... 1 Expression and Purification of Rat Glucose Transporter 1 in Pichia pastoris Raminta Venskutonyte, Karin Elbing, and Karin Lindkvist-Petersson 2 Crystallization and Structural Determination of the Human Glucose Transporters GLUT1 and GLUT3 Dong Deng and Nieng Yan 3 Screening and Scale-Up of GLUT Transporter Constructs Suitable for Biochemical and Structural Studies Gregory Verdon, Hae Joo Kang, and David Drew 4 GLUT Characterization using Frog Xenopus laevis Oocytes Wentong Long, Debbie O'Neill, and Chris I. Cheeseman 5 Glucose Uptake in Heterologous Expression Systems Eunice E. Lee and Richard C. Wang 6 Evaluating the Impact of GLUT Inhibition on Cellular Bioenergetics Using a Seahorse XF Analyzer Changyong Wei, Monique Heitmeir, Paul W. Hruz, and Mala Shanmugam 7 Glucose Transport Activity Measured in Giant Vesicles Jesper Sondergaard Hansen and Karin Lindkvist-Petersson 8 Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of GLUT Inhibitors Carlotta Granchi, Tiziano Tuccinardi, and Filippo Minutolo 9 Applying Microfluidic Systems to Study Effects of Glucose at Single Cell Level Niek Welkenhuysen, Caroline B. Adiels, Mattias Goksoer, and Stefan Hohmann 10 A Growth-Based Screening System for Hexose Transporters in Yeast Eckhard Boles and Mislav Oreb 11 Identification of Insulin Activated Rab Proteins in Adipose Cells Using Bio-ATB-GTP Photolabeling Technique Francoise Koumanov and Geoffrey D. Holman 12 Total Internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscopy to Study GLUT4 Trafficking Sebastian Wasserstrom, Bjoern Moren, and Karin G. Stenkula 13 Translocation and Redistribution of GLUT4 Using a Dual-Labeled Reporter Assay Robert M. Jackson and Ann Louise Olson 14 GLUT4 Translocation in Single Muscle Cells in Culture: Epitope Detection by Immunofluorescence Javier R. Jaldin-Fincati, Philip J. Bilan, and Amira Klip 15 Glucose Transport: Methods for Interrogating GLUT4 Trafficking in Adipocytes Dougall M. Norris, Tom A. Geddes, David E. James, Daniel J. Fazakerley, and James G. Burchfield 16 Proximity Ligation Assay to Study the GLUT4 Membrane Trafficking Machinery Dimitrios Kioumourtzoglou, Gwyn W. Gould, and Nia J. Bryant 17 Quantification of Cell Surface Glucose Transporters in the Heart Using a Biotinylated Photolabeled Assay Zahra Maria and Veronique A. Lacombe 18 Tracking GLUT2 Translocation by Live Cell Imaging Sabina Tsytkin-Kirschenzweig, Merav Cohen, and Yaakov Nahmias 19 GLUT2-Expressing Neurons as Glucose Sensors in the Brain: Electrophysiological Analysis Gwenael Labouebe, Bernard Thorens, and Christophe Lamy
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