Gerontological Social Work in Action

Gerontological Social Work in Action

Anti-Oppressive Practice with Older Adults, their Families, and Communities


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List of figures and tables; Preface; Acknowledgements; Introduction; Part 1: Shifting our lens on gerontological social work; 1. Age/ism: age as a category of difference; 2. Theorizing later life and social work praxis; 3. Sites and sectors of health and social care; Part 2: Doing AOP social work with older adults; 4. Deconstructing risk and frailty; 5. Moral, legal, and ethical issues; 6. Who cares about caregiving?; 7. Dementia, personhood, and citizenship as practice; 8. Mapping trauma across the life course; 9. Mental health, mental wellness, and substance mis/use; 10. Addressing mistreatment and violence; Part 3: Re-visioning gerontological social work; 11. Building inclusive communities; 12. Policy and planning for an aging society; 13. Everyday lives and realities; Concluding thoughts; Index
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