Gender Equality in Changing Times

Gender Equality in Changing Times

Multidisciplinary Reflections on Struggles and Progress

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1. Introduction; Angela Smith.- Part I - 2. Female Role Models in a Male-dominated Workplace - Do We Still Need Them Today?; Stephanie Atkinson. - 3. "Oh, It's Actually Quite Nice Up Here': Reflections on Prejudice, Partiality and Division and Moral Challenges to inclusivity Created by Class, Gender and Region; Bridget Cooper.- 4. Prisoners of Inclusivity: Perspective on Spirituality, Humanism and Place; Juila Janfeshai Nobari and Paul-Alan Armstrong.- 5. A Critical Analysis of Masculinity During Mentoring in Contemporary Schools; Kim Gilligan. - 6. Understanding Gender Categorisation in a Binary Society; Katie Ward. - Part 2. - 7. "Enough of this PC-crazed Nonsense": The Backlash Against Gender Equality as Personified by Emma Watson; Angela Smith.- 8. Social Reform, Gender and Women in Saudi Arabia; Wjoud Almandani. - 9. "Straight Man Cancer": The Discursive Representation and Backlash of Sexism on China's Internet; Wu, Xiaoping.- 10. Gender and Media Representation: Politics and the 'Double Bind'; Fiona McKay. - 11. Smart, Casual, Unisex: Can Fashion and Clothing be Intersectional?; Janet Pearson. - 12. What Next?L Some Concluding Thoughts; Angela Smith.
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