Fashion in European Art

Fashion in European Art

Dress and Identity, Politics and the Body, 1775-1925

Young, Justine de

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Acknowledgements List of Illustrations Introduction: Addressing Fashion in Art by Justine De Young 1. From the Studio to the Street: Modelling Neoclassical Dress in Art and Life by Amelia Rauser 2. Parures, Pashminas, and Portraiture, or, How Josephine Bonaparte Fashioned the Napoleonic Empire by Heather Belnap Jensen 3. Temporalities of Costume and Fashion in Art of the Romantic Period by Susan L. Siegfried 4. Desire and Dress: Rossetti's Erotics of the Unclassifiable and Working-Class Models by Julie Codell 5. Mourning for Paris: The Art and Politics of Dress after 'l'annee terrible' (1870-71) by Justine De Young 6. Mannequin and Monkey in Seurat's Grande Jatte (1884) by Emmelyn Butterfield-Rosen 7. 'But the coat is the picture': Issues of Masculine Fashioning, Politics and Sexual Identity in Portraiture in England c. 1890-1900 by Andrew Stephenson 8. Silencing Fashion in Early Twentieth-Century Feminism: The Sartorial Story of Suffrage by Kimberly Wahl 9. Puppets, Patterns, and 'Proper Gentlemen': Men's Fashion in Anton Raderscheidt's New-Objectivity Paintings by AEnne Soell Notes on the Contributors Selected Bibliography