Fashion Stylists

Fashion Stylists

History, Meaning and Practice

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List of Illustrations List of Plates Notes on Contributors Acknowledgements Introduction: Fashion Stylists. History, Meaning and Practice By Ane Lynge-Jorlen Part 1: History and Profession of the Stylist Within and Beyond Magazines Chapter 1. Stylist: Etymology and History of a Role By Philip Clarke Chapter 2. In the Changing Room: A study of the act of styling before 'styling' in Danish fashion, 1900-1965 By Marie Riegels Melchior Chapter 3. The Homeless and The Hunchback. Experimental Styling, Assembled Bodies and New Material Aesthetics in Niche Fashion Magazines By Ane Lynge-Jorlen Chapter 4. Examining Uncertainty: An interview with Anders Solvsten Thomsen By Susanne Madsen Chapter 5. Finding Beauty in the Moment: An interview with Elizabeth Fraser-Bell By Susanne Madsen Chapter 6. Styling Unpopular Knowledge: An Interview with Akeem Smith By Jeppe Ugelvig Part 2: Identity, Gender, Ethnicity and Style Narratives Chapter 7. 'Rethinking Fashion': Caroline Baker and Nova Magazine 1967- 1975 By Alice Beard Chapter 8. 'Looking Good in a Buffalo Stance': Ray Petri and the Styling of New Masculinities By Shaun Cole Chapter 9. Styling '90s Hip-Hop, Fashioning Black Futures By Rachel Lifter Chapter 10. Questioning Fashion's Parameters: An Interview with Benjamin Kirchhoff By Susanne Madsen Chapter 11. Exploring the Female Gaze: An Interview with Roxane Danset By Francesca Granata Chapter 12. Building Little Sculptures: An Interview with Vanessa Reid By Susanne Madsen Part 3: Global Fashion Media and Geographies of Styling Practices Chapter 13. The Stylist's Trade: Fashion Styling in Milan in an Era of Digitisation By Paolo Volonte Chapter 14. Commercial Styling. An Ethnographic Study on Styling Practices at H&M By Philip Warkander Chapter 15. Twisting References: An Interview with Lotta Volkova By Susanne Madsen Chapter 16. Creating Orderly Chaos: An Interview with Naomi Itkes By Maria Ben Saad Index
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