Experimental Philosophy and its Critics

Experimental Philosophy and its Critics


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Editorial Note Joachim Horvath and Thomas Grundmann 1. Introduction Joachim Horvath and Thomas Grundmann 2. Intuitions about Personal Identity: An Empirical Study Shaun Nichols and Michael Bruno 3. Philosophical Temperament Jonathan Livengood, Justin Sytsma, Adam Feltz, Richard Scheines and Edouard Machery 4. Are Philosophers Expert Intuiters? Jonathan M. Weinberg, Chad Gonnerman, Cameron Buckner and Joshua Alexander 5. Saving the Doxastic Account of Intuitions Christian Nimtz 6. Is Experimental Philosophy Philosophically Significant? Joshua Alexander 7. Philosophical Methodology: The Current Debate Anand Vaidya 8. Intuitions and Meaning Divergence Ernest Sosa 9. Intuitions and Relativity Kirk Ludwig 10. How (Not) to React to Experimental Philosophy Joachim Horvath 11. Some Hope for Intuitions: A Reply to Weinberg Thomas Grundmann 12. Philosophers and Grammarians Jens Kipper 13. Intuitions, Concepts, and Imagination Frank Hofmann 14. On the Nature of Thought Experiments and a Core Motivation of Experimental Philosophy Joseph Shieber
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