Essays in Memory of Professor Jill Poole

Essays in Memory of Professor Jill Poole

Coherence, Modernisation and Integration in Contract, Commercial and Corporate Laws


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1. Keeping Commercial Law Up to Date Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd 2. Examining English contract law in the light of Brexit - an end to the European dream? Professor Paula Giliker 3. From the 2004 Communication on European Contract to the 2015 Draft Directive on the Supply of Digital Content: harmonisation, Unification or Transformation of EU Private Law Professor Mel Kenny 4. Harmonization and Contract in a Globalized World Dr. Richard Austen-Baker 5. Integrating Remedies for Misrepresentation: Co-Ordinating a Coherent and Principled Framework Professor James Devenney & Professor Geraint Howells 6. The Contract Formation under the Caveat Emptor Rule: Assessing its Utility Professor Robert Lee 7. Consideration in the Modification of Contracts Dr. David Capper 8. Estoppel and Promises: The Importance of Coherence, Rationalisation, and Adhering to Basic Principles Dr. Adam Shaw-Mellors 9. Privity of Contract: Statutory Developments Dr. Severine Saintier & Professor Rob Merkin 10. Recent Developments in Illegal Contracts Professor Michael Furmston 11. Restraint of Trade Doctrine: A Traditional Tool Fit for the Modern Economy? Dr. Mary Catherine Lucey 12. The Intractable Problems of Illegality and Public Policy in the Law of Contract -A Comparative Perspective Professor Andrew Phang 13. Director' Financial Liabilities Standards: Opportunism and the Proper Approach to Detterence Dr. Richard Williams
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