Epigenetics and Psychiatric Disease

Epigenetics and Psychiatric Disease

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1. Epigenetic Landscapes of the Adversity-exposed Brain Tania L. Roth 2. Chromosomal Conformations and Epigenomic Regulation in Schizophrenia Schahram Akbarian 3. Progress in Epigenetics of Depression Eric J. Nestler 4. Epigenetics of circadian rhythms in imprinted neurodevelopmental disorders Janine M. LaSalle 5. DNA methylation mediating substance abuse; mechanisms and therapeutic opportunities Moshe Szyf 6. DNA Methylation in Animals Model of Psychosis Alessandro Guidotti and Dennis R. Grayson 7. Epigenetics of early life stress Chris Murgatroyd 8. Epigenetic Drugs for Mood Disorders Jacob Peedicayil 9. Behind Epigenetic Alterations in Psychiatric Diseases Hamid M. Abdolmaleky 10. DNA methylation and its possible role in psychiatric disorders Chunyu Liu 11. Neuroepigenetics of suicide brain ogesh Dwivedi 12. Epigenetic Mechanisms of Traumatic Brain Injuries Amul Sakharkar 13. Non-protein-coding RNAs in Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Rajesh C. Miranda 14. Targeting histone-modifications as a therapeutic approach to treat psychosis Andre Fischer 15. The epigenetics of early life adversity: current limitations and possible solutions Gustavo Turecki
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