Entrepreneurship in Technology for ASEAN

Entrepreneurship in Technology for ASEAN

Vong, John; Mandal, Purnendu

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Modern approaches of financial-data analysis.- Global health surveillance approaches.- Market analysis of patents using geospatial analysis.- Gender based bias in performance assessment - a study of supervisor subordinate pairs in Vietnam.- An overview of inventory management systems in healthcare.- Assessing the impact of development methodologies and technological factors on project performance in offshore, onshore, outsourced and in-house software development projects.- Innovation is a complex adaptive systems in distributed educational organizations.- Business models for leveraging and monetizing intellectual property rights.- Factors influence to implement the lean manufacturing (the case on manufacture companies - Indonesia).- Innovation and platform creations-transforming the human resource arena.- Advancements in technology and potential impacts on port automations decisions.- Antecedents of customer loyalty in luxury Malaysian hotels: The role of technology, quality and value.- An integrated approach for healthcare systems management in India.
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