Earth-like Exoplanets

Earth-like Exoplanets

Mason, Paul A.; Gordon, Richard

Elsevier Science Publishing Co Inc






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Exoplanets - What Have We Found and What is on the Horizon? 1. Kepler's Planet Discoveries and Beyond 2. Tess Planet Finder for Nearby Stars Habitability of Exoplanets 3. Updated Habitable Zone Definitions 4. The abundance of non-water seas in rocky worlds 5. The Binary Habitability Mechanism Detection of Biomarkers vs. False Positives 6. Can lightning spectra be a biomarker for Earth-like exoplanets? 7. Detectability of open seas and their reflection spectra on exoplanets 8. Challenges of reading biomarkers from exoplanet atmospheres during transits The Origin of Organic Matter and Life, In-situ or Panspermia? 9. A survey of solar system and galactic objects with pristine surfaces that record history and perhaps panspermia, with a plan for exploration 10. Panspermia: A panoply of possibilities Extremophiles - Alternate Evolutionary Pathways 11. Can there be a Rogue Earth? 12. Comparison of the multidimensional niches inhabited by Earth extremophiles with the multidimensional spectrum of exoplanets Life on Exoplanets over Cosmic Time 13. Habitable and super-habitable exoplanets
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