Decadent Catholicism and the Making of Modernism

Decadent Catholicism and the Making of Modernism

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List of Figures Abbreviations Acknowledgments Anamnesis Chapter 1-The Decadents: Profligates, Priests, Pornographers, and Pontiffs Wilde and his Circle Johnson in the Confessional Dowson's Search for Peace Chapter 2-Yeats and Pound: Disavowing Decadence, Forgetting Catholicism Pound: Wrong from the Start Yeats's Strange Souls Chapter 3-T. S. Eliot's Decadent (Anglo)-Catholicism "A Satirist of Vices and Follies" [Decadent]-Catholic in Religion Chapter 4-George Moore and James Joyce: Decadent Anti-Catholicism and Irish Modernism Decadence and Cosmopolitanism Moore's Rebellion Non Serviam: Stephen Dedalus as Decadent Anti-Catholic Chapter 5-Evelyn Waugh: Decadent Catholicism Revisited "Firbank is baroque" Aubrey Beardsley's Decadent Arcadia A Wild(e) Conversion Waugh's Queer Celibates Alan Hollinghurst and DBC Pierre: Decadent Catholicism After Modernism Hollinghurst and the Ghost of Firbank DBC Pierre and the Decadence of the 1% Bibliography Index
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