Dance to the Tune of Life

Dance to the Tune of Life

Biological Relativity

Noble, Denis (University of Oxford)

Cambridge University Press






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Challenging the common gene-centric approach to organisms, this book articulates a relativistic theory of biology. It is grounded in up-to-date biological research and rigorous application of mathematics to biology; however, it is presented in a non-technical manner for the general reader, and requires no familiarity with complex biology, mathematics or philosophy.
Preface; Acknowledgments; 1. The universe and the principle of relativity; 2. Biological scales and levels; 3. Biological networks; 4. Nature and origin of cells; 5. Blind chance and natural selection; 6. Biological relativity; 7. Dancing nucleotides: natural genetic engineering; 8. Epigenetics and a relativistic theory of evolution; 9. The relativity of epistemology: the meaning of it all; 10. Postscript; Glossary; Index.