Crisis, Agency, and Law in US Civil-Military Relations

Crisis, Agency, and Law in US Civil-Military Relations

Maurer, Daniel

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book develops a responsible and practical method for evaluating the success, failure, or "crisis" of American civil-military relations among its political and uniformed elite.
1. Introduction 2. The Opening Statement 3. The Case-in-Chief: What the Law Does (Not) Say 4. The Expert Witnesses: A Cross-Examination 5. The Expert Witnesses: Fingerprints of Agency 6. The Rebuttal Witnesses: From Agency to Norms to Diagnosis 7. Exhibit A: Scope of Responsibility and Authority 8. Boundaries, or A "Poverty of Useful and Unambiguous Authority?" 9. Exhibit B: When Fidelity and Frankness Conflict 10. Exhibit C: Amending the Goldwater-Nichols Act 11. Exhibit D: The Future Fallacy, A Civ-Mil Dialogue 12. Closing Argument
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