Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VII

Community Quality-of-Life Indicators: Best Cases VII

Phillips, Rhonda; Holden, Meg

Springer International Publishing AG






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The case studies and analysis in this volume demonstrate how community indicators projects today operate within a need to amplify the voice of disadvantaged communities, seriously explore the increasing use of information technology, produce positive community change and sustain these efforts over time.
Preface; Rhonda Phillips, Meg Holden and Chantal Stevens.- Introduction; Chantal Stevens, Lyle Wray.- PART I. Community Indicators Identifying Different Types of Disadvantage.- Chapter 1. Environmental Justice in Australia: Measuring the Relationship between Industrial Odour Exposure and Community Disadvantage; Lucy Gunn, Billy Greenham, Melanie Davern, Suzanne Mavoa, Elizabeth Jean Taylor and Mark Bannister.- Chapter 2. Aligning Local and Regional Data to Achieve a More Inclusive Economy: A Northeast Ohio Model; Emily Garr Pacetti.- Chapter 3. Addressing Disparities and Improving the System of Care for Veterans Through the Community Assessment Process; Samantha Green, Melanie Espino.- Chapter 4. Economic Issues for Women in Texas; Jennifer Lee, Frances Deviney.- PART II. Comprehensiveness and Collaboration in Community Indicators.- Chapter 5. Comprehensive Sustainability Indicators: The Houston Sustainability Indicators Program; Lester King.- Chapter 6. Collaboration to Promote Use of Community Indicators: Communication is Key; Craig Helmstetter, Paul Mattessich, Ruth Hamberg and Nancy Harzler.- Chapter 7. Getting to Groundbreaking, But No Further: Network Failure in a Housing Indicators Collaborative; Meg Holden and Daniel Sturgeon.- Chapter 8. Community Indicators and the Collective Goods Criterion for Impact; Frank Ridzi.
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