China's Ethical Revolution and Regaining Legitimacy

China's Ethical Revolution and Regaining Legitimacy

Reforming the Communist Party through Its Public Servants

McGhee, Derek; Zhang, Shaoying

Springer International Publishing AG






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In the context of the Party's history of the military revolution, Cultural Revolution and Economic Reform (or economic revolution), the authors argue that under President Xi Jinping the Party has launched an ethical revolution within the Party for the sake of sustaining its legitimacy.
1. Introduction 2. The China Dream, History, Religion and Modernization 3. Comparisons, Paradigms and the Remnant of Division: Our Approach 4. Discourses of Corruption: The Contest between Different Authorities 5. State of Exception: The Examination of Anti-Corruption Practices 6. The Discourse of Formalism and Bureaucraticism: The Contest of Order within the Party 7. Discourse of Hedonism and Extravagance: Tension between the Agency and the Actor 8. The Mass Line Education Programme 9. Technologies of the Self 10. Remnant and Hybridization: The Effects of Governing
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