China in the Era of Xi Jinping

China in the Era of Xi Jinping

Domestic and Foreign Policy Challenges


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Time Line of the People's Republic of ChinaIntroduction: China's New Leadership in Domestic and International PoliticsJo Inge Bekkevold and Robert S. RossPart 1. Domestic Challenges for the Chinese Leadership1. China's Fifth-Generation Leaders: Characteristics of the New Elite and Pathways to LeadershipBo Zhiyue2. The Development of China's Formal Political StructuresZheng Yongnian and Weng Cuifen3. The Challenges of Economic Growth and ReformBarry Naughton4. The Challenges of Stability and LegitimacyJoseph FewsmithPart II: International Challenges to Rising China5. Xi Jinping's Grand Strategy: From Vision to ImplementationStig Stenslie and Chen Gang6. Domestic Actors and the Fragmentation of China's Foreign PolicyLinda Jakobson7. China's Rise and International Regimes: Does China Seek to Overthrow Global Norms?Andrew J. Nathan8. China's Rise and Economic InterdependenceHelge Hveem and T. J. Pempel9. Xi Jinping and the Challenges to Chinese SecurityRobert S. Ross and Mingjiang LiConclusion: New Leaders, Stronger China, Harder ChoicesJo Inge Bekkevold and Robert S. RossContributors Index
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