China, Hong Kong, and the Long 1970s: Global Perspectives

China, Hong Kong, and the Long 1970s: Global Perspectives


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Chapter 1: Introduction: China and the Long 1970s: The Great Transformation; Priscilla Roberts.- Chapter 2: Untrusting and Untrusted: Mao's China at the Crossroads, 1969; Sergey Radchenko.- Chapter 3: Building China's 1970s Green Revolution: Commune Responses to Population Growth, Decreasing Arable Land, and Capital Depreciation; Joshua Eisenman.- Chapter 4: China and South Asia in the 1970s: Contrasting Trajectories; Jon Wilson.- Chapter 5: Reimagining and Repositioning China in International Politics: The Role of Sports in China's Long 1970s.- Xu Guoqi.- Chapter 6: From China's "Barefoot Doctor" to Alma Ata: The Primary Health Care Movement in the Long 1970s; Zhou Xun.- Chapter 7: China's Economic Statecraft During the 1970s; Shu Guang Zhang.- Chapter 8: The Roots of a Globalized Relationship: Western Knowledge of the Chinese Economy and US-China Relations in the Long 1970s; Federico Pachetti.- Chapter 9: Sino-Australian Relations in the Long 1970s; Nicholas Thomas.- Chapter 10: 1967 as the Turning Point in Hong Kong-British-PRC Relations; Valeria Zanier and Roberto Peruzzi.- Chapter 11: Crisis or Opportunity? Britain, China, and the Decolonization of Hong Kong in the Long 1970s; Chi-kwan Mark.- Chapter 12: "Bat lau dung laai": Shifting Hong Kong Perspectives Towards the Vietnamese Boat People; John D. Wong.- Chapter 13: Bringing the Chinese Back In: The Role of Quasi-Private Institutions in Britain and the United States; Priscilla Roberts.- Conclusion: China and the Long 1970s as a Field of Research; Odd Arne Westad.
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