China, Hong Kong, and the Long 1970s: Global Perspectives

China, Hong Kong, and the Long 1970s: Global Perspectives

Roberts, Priscilla; Westad, Odd Arne

Springer International Publishing AG






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This book explores the forces that impelled China, the world's largest socialist state, to make massive changes in its domestic and international stance during the long 1970s. The Long 1970s were the years when China moved dramatically and decisively toward much closer relations with the non-Communist world.
Chapter 1: Introduction: China and the Long 1970s: The Great Transformation; Priscilla Roberts.- Chapter 2: Untrusting and Untrusted: Mao's China at the Crossroads, 1969; Sergey Radchenko.- Chapter 3: Building China's 1970s Green Revolution: Commune Responses to Population Growth, Decreasing Arable Land, and Capital Depreciation; Joshua Eisenman.- Chapter 4: China and South Asia in the 1970s: Contrasting Trajectories; Jon Wilson.- Chapter 5: Reimagining and Repositioning China in International Politics: The Role of Sports in China's Long 1970s.- Xu Guoqi.- Chapter 6: From China's "Barefoot Doctor" to Alma Ata: The Primary Health Care Movement in the Long 1970s; Zhou Xun.- Chapter 7: China's Economic Statecraft During the 1970s; Shu Guang Zhang.- Chapter 8: The Roots of a Globalized Relationship: Western Knowledge of the Chinese Economy and US-China Relations in the Long 1970s; Federico Pachetti.- Chapter 9: Sino-Australian Relations in the Long 1970s; Nicholas Thomas.- Chapter 10: 1967 as the Turning Point in Hong Kong-British-PRC Relations; Valeria Zanier and Roberto Peruzzi.- Chapter 11: Crisis or Opportunity? Britain, China, and the Decolonization of Hong Kong in the Long 1970s; Chi-kwan Mark.- Chapter 12: "Bat lau dung laai": Shifting Hong Kong Perspectives Towards the Vietnamese Boat People; John D. Wong.- Chapter 13: Bringing the Chinese Back In: The Role of Quasi-Private Institutions in Britain and the United States; Priscilla Roberts.- Conclusion: China and the Long 1970s as a Field of Research; Odd Arne Westad.
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