Chemical Tools for Imaging, Manipulating, and Tracking Biological Systems: Diverse Chemical, Optical and Bioorthogonal Methods

Chemical Tools for Imaging, Manipulating, and Tracking Biological Systems: Diverse Chemical, Optical and Bioorthogonal Methods

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Enzyme- or light-triggered cyclopropenes for bioorthogonal ligation Ting Jiang and Scott T. Laughlin Analysis of metabolically labeled inositol phosphate messengers by NMR Robert Puschmann, Robert K. Harmel and Dorothea Fiedler Photo-releasable derivatives of inositol pyrophosphates Sebastian Hauke, Tamara Bittner, Henning J. Jessen and Carsten Schultz IMPACT: Imaging phospholipase D activity with clickable alcohols via transphosphatidylation Timothy W. Bumpus, Dongjun Liang and Jeremy M. Baskin Fluorescent bioorthogonal labeling of class B GPCRs in live cells Srikanth Kumar Gangam and Qing Lin Near-infrared photoactivatable nitric oxide donors with photoacoustic readout Effie Y. Zhou, Hailey J. Knox, Christopher J. Reinhardt, Gina Partipilo and Jefferson Chan H2S donors with optical responses Michael D. Pluth, Yu Zhao and Matthew M. Cerda Visualization of oxidative stress-induced carbonylation in live mammalian cells Kamalika Mukherjee, Tak Ian Chio and Susan L. Bane Receptor-based fluorescent sensors constructed from ribonucleopeptide Skun Nakano, Hiroaki Konishi and Takashi Morii Conformationally restrained pentamethine cyanines and use in reductive single molecule localization microscopy Siddharth S. Matikonda, Ralph Goetz, Ryan McLaughlin, Markus Sauer and Martin J. Schnermann A near-infrared light-mediated cleavable linker strategy using the heptamethine cyanine chromophore Michael P. Luciano, Saghar Nourian, Alexander P. Gorka, Roger R. Nani, Tadanobu Nagaya, Hisataka Kobayashi and Martin J. Schnermann Quantitative measurement of cytosolic penetration using the chloroalkane penetration assay Kirsten Deprey and Joshua A. Kritzer Cell-penetrating and mitochondrion-targeting molecules George Appiah Kubi and Dehua Pei A photocaged DNA nanocapsule for delivery and manipulation in cells Yihong Feng, Takeshi Tohgasaki, Yasuyuki Shitomi, Hiroshi Sugiyama and Masayuki Endo A multicolor riboswitch-based platform for imaging of RNA in live mammalian cells Esther Braselmann and Amy E. Palmer Enzymatic covalent labeling of RNA with RNA transglycosylation at guanosine (RNA-TAG) Kayla N. Busby and Neal K. Devaraj Assaying RNA solvent accessibility in living cells with LASER Chao Feng and Robert C. Spitale Split T7 RNA polymerase biosensors to study multiprotein interaction dynamics Jeffrey A. Dewey and Bryan C. Dickinson Cross-linking cellular nucleic acids via a target-directing double click reagent Masayuki Tera and Nathan W. Luedtke Click chemistry-based amplification and detection of endogenous RNA and DNA molecules in situ using clampFISH probes Sepideh Tavakoli, Yifang Liu, Jacob Potts and Sara H. Rouhanifard Accurately monitoring protein delivery using fluorescence correlation spectroscopy Susan L. Knox, Angela Steinauer, Garrett Alpha-Cobb, Adam Trexler, Elizabeth Rhoades and Alanna Schepartz
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