Cellular Osmolytes

Cellular Osmolytes

From Chaperoning Protein Folding to Clinical Perspectives

Dar, Tanveer Ali

Springer Verlag, Singapore






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Polyols as exceptional Protein stabilizers.- Osmolyte mixtures versus individuals in protein folding and aggregation.- Molecular insights of Osmolyte-protein Interaction.- MDS simulation studies on osmolyte protein interactions.- Osmolytes as protein aggregation Modifiers.- Osmolytes as Nano-probes of conformational changes.- Inhibition of Protein fibrillation by Chemical chaperones: a Therapeutic strategy.- Osmolyte in Infectious Diseases.- Possible strategies for the therapeutic intervention of osmolyte in Cancer.- Antioxidant osmolytes.- Advances on the in vivo studies of the effect of osmolyte on various pathophysiological conditions.- TMAO in alpha Synuclein aggregation.- Osmolytes: from cell physiology to Disease Prevention.- Osmolytes in Cell-volume Regulation.- Role of Osmolytes in counteracting the deleterious effects of denaturant/pressure.
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