Cell Death Regulation in Health and Disease - Part C

Cell Death Regulation in Health and Disease - Part C


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1. Cell Death in the Avian Brain with Emphasis on the Development and Plasticity of the Song Control System Tracy A. Larson 2. Mcl-1 as a "barrier" in cancer treatment: can we target it now? Boris Zhivotovsky 3. The role of cell death in tissue regeneration and fibrosis David Lagares 4. Crosstalk between the apoptosis and autophagy signaling pathways Doug Fairlie 5. On the role of sphingolipids in cell survival and death Valter Malorni 6. IP3 receptor signal integration in cell death and survival decisions Geert Bultynck 7. TRAIL receptor signalling - from the basics of canonical signal transduction towards its entanglement with ER stress and the unfolded protein response Markus Morrison
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