Carve-out M&A Transactions

Carve-out M&A Transactions

A Practical Guide

McLaren, Robbie

Globe Law and Business






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This practical guide, edited by Robbie McLaren at Latham & Watkins, features contributions by specialists on subjects linked to the structuring and execution of carve-out transactions and provides an invaluable insight into the legal, regulatory and practical elements in play.
Table of contents Introduction Robbie McLaren Latham & Watkins Purchase price mechanisms Farah O'Brien Daniel Treloar Latham & Watkins Conditionality Nick Cline Emily Cridland Latham & Watkins Carve-out protections Robbie McLaren Beatrice Lo Latham & Watkins The role of due diligence Transitional services Gail Crawford Frances Stocks Latham & Watkins Anti-trust concerns Gregory Bonne Jonathan Parker Latham & Watkins Capital markets concerns Claire Keast-Butler Anna Ngo Latham & Watkins Tax Employees Catherine Drinnan Latham & Watkins IP In-house lawyers' perspective Rachel Canham BT Group Litigation v arbitration Jeffrey Sullivan Gibson Dunn Key concerns for PE Key differences between US and UK practice Ed Barnett Terry Charambalous Scott Shean Latham & Watkins
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