Vietnam's Lost Revolution

Vietnam's Lost Revolution

Ngo Dinh Diem's Failure to Build an Independent Nation, 1955-1963

Stewart, Geoffrey

Cambridge University Press






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Vietnam's Lost Revolution employs archival material from Vietnam to examine the First Republic of Vietnam's Civic Action program, designed to recast the newly independent state as a modern, anticommunist nation. This book engages with topics like nationalism, post-colonialism, and development in its examination of events that led to the Vietnam War.
1. A temporary expedient: the origins of civic action in Vietnam; 2. Nationalism and welfare improvement in the Republic of Vietnam; 3. Revolution, community development, and the construction of Diem's Vietnam; 4. 'Bettering the people's conditions of existence': civic action and community development, 1957-9; 5. Civic action and insurgency; 6. The strategic Hamlet program and civic action in retreat; Conclusion: Vietnam's lost revolution.
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