British Columbia by the Road

British Columbia by the Road

Car Culture and the Making of a Modern Landscape

Bradley, Ben

University of British Columbia Press






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Although cars and roads promised freedom, they offered drivers a curated view of the landscape. This book takes readers on a journey through the history of roads, highways, and motoring in British Columbia's Interior, a remote landscape composed of plateaus and interlocking valleys, soaring mountains and treacherous passes.
Introduction: Automobility and the Making of New Kinds of Experience Route A: A Drive through Nature 1 Toward a Park in the Cascade Mountains 2 Behind the Scenery in Manning Park 3 The Politics of Roads and Parks in the Big Bend Country 4 The Failure of Hamber Park and the Big Bend Highway Route B: Paths to the Past 5 Tracing the Route of the Cariboo Wagon Road 6 Changing Times and Crisis amidst Prosperity 7 On the Road for the 1958 Centennial 8 Mixed Fortunes in the BC Old Rush Conclusion: Looking Back on British Columbia by the Road Notes Bibliography Index
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