Brain, Mind, and the External Signs of Intelligence

Brain, Mind, and the External Signs of Intelligence

Hollander, Bernard

Taylor & Francis Ltd






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1. Introduction 2. The Results of Experimental Physiology 3. Histological Theories 4. The Neglect of Systematic Clinical Observation 5. Is Size or Weight of Brain a Measure of Intelligence? 6. Sensory Disturbances, Depression, and Anxiety in Lesions of the Parietal Lobes 7. Irascibility in Lesions of the Lower Part of the Temporal Lobes 8. The Relation Between the Intellect and the Brain 9. The Frontal Brain and the Intellectual Processes of Perception, Remembrance, and Reasoning 10. The Frontal Lobes and Special Abilities 11. Lesions of the Frontal Lobes Followed by Exaltation and Moral Degeneration 12. Cranio-Cerebral Relations 13. The External Signs of Intelligence. Postscript. Index.
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