Autophagy Networks in Inflammation

Autophagy Networks in Inflammation

De Stefano, Daniela; Maiuri, Maria Chiara

Springer International Publishing AG






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Autophagy in direct pathogen elimination (Xenophagy).- Autophagy and pattern recognition receptors.- Autophagy and inflammasomes.- Autophagy and Antigen presentation.- Autophagy and regulation of T and B cell function.- Autophagy in chronic inflammation.- The complex crosstalk between autophagy and ROS.- Lipophagy.- Autophagy, phagocytosis and entosis: who eats whom?- Which is the cell fate of inflammatory cells ? Autophagic cell death, pyroptosis, netosis, apoptosis, necrosis.- Host defence (virus/bacteria).- Neurological diseases.- Pulmonary diseases (emphysema, COPD, etc.).- Inflammatory bowel disease.- Target autophagy as a novel therapeutic strategy in autoimmune diseases.- Liver and pancreatic diseases.- Obesity.- Aging.- Overview on clinical trials.
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